A proper wtf transfer moment

So. Let me get this right. Pompey owe Spurs money (£1M) for a player that never actually signed and played for us because he rejected the deal. This is thanks, apparently, to a sell-on clause that was part of a two player deal to bring Begovic (the player in question) and Kaboul. You still following? The latter signed, the former went to Stoke instead.

So to clarify. We are owed one million pounds (little finger to edge of mouth) for a player who did not agree to complete the deal his club and Spurs shook hands on.

Two things.

1) Portsmouth. I guess this was Harry's doing, right? Right? Massive epic fail.

2) Daniel Levy. Genius.

Insanity that laughs in the face of logic, then rips its face off and wears it as a scarf. It's a bit like Liverpool purchasing Robbie Keane for £20.3M and us taking him back for £12M. Madness, just madness.

Oh wait up...