Wilson's yellow card conundrum

I do love Wilson Palacios. If you happened to tape last nights FA cup action, watch the game from around the 88th minute. And keep an eye on our Honduran Panther as he goes on a quest to pick up a yellow card. It's hilarious, diving in, taking down players yet every time doing enough to warrant all the effort perfectly legal - be it ugly and untidy. One rash attempt when he seemed to lunge towards the ball had him cleanly win it obviously by mistake. Bless. Perhaps a naughty tap of the oppositions back-heel with his boot or a tug of a shirt would have resulted in a quick-fire yellow. The fact he tried so hard so late in the game was borderline silly, as he could have quite easily risked a red. I mean, how do you go about getting a yellow card by tackling someone badly? It's not a bright idea.

So, what does this mean now with regards to the up and coming matches?

If he gets booked on Saturday he misses Sunderland away and the FA Cup semi-final. But he'll be back to face Arsenal, Chelsea and Manchester United. So perhaps he can play on Saturday, try not to get booked (which probably means he will get booked) and then rest him against Sunderland to then be eligible to play in the semi-final. Although Sunderland away is not going to be an easy day out, so perhaps we should just play him in every game and let the Gods decide.

Apparently if he reaches April 11th (semi-final day) without having picked up another yellow card, then my understanding is the cards get wiped (or he needs a further 2 to get a suspension - I think). In fact, if anyone knows or can confirm - let me know and I'll update this article accordingly.

Anyways, well worth checking out his attempts to foul the opposition.

Big Willy style.