Spurs unveil new home kit

No matter how many times we fire, we just never seem to do any real damage.

This might just be the words engraved on our 4th spot headstone cometh the end of the season.

You can't fault the side for effort. It's not like we're not crafting out chances. [ground-hog day] We just don't seem to have the cutting edge to put to bed teams who sit back and defend against us [/ground-hog day].

Christ, imagine if we were a tad more clinical? We'd wipe the floor with practically 90% of the Prem. Instead, we make the art of winning a game (based on chances and possession) look like hard graft, and in the end we get a point for our troubles and plenty of head shaking. What makes it even more frustrating is the fact we are leaving ourselves susceptible to a counter-attack and sucker punch goal. Simply because we don't stick in the back of the net. It's not great for the heart, but then watching Spurs never is.

Are we unlucky? Maybe, a little. Perhaps its our routine 'trying to hard' style of play when at times perhaps we should disguise our play a little with a clever ball. Game could have done with the touch of Gudjohnsen. I'm assuming he's not quite ready for action. Or Harry simply decided the game was just too highly strung to risk changing it's dynamics.

Villa, I expected to see arrive at the Lane and give it a right old go. Instead they parked the bus and defended, at times, brilliantly. Respect from Villa or just negative tactics from MON? Either way, they're the ones happy with the point. We're left with heads jam-packed with what ifs.

We played well, perhaps not excelling in one or two areas. But once more, did enough to win it and yet just about enough not to. Modric was involved but not quite on top of his game in the final third. Bale and Bentley continue to impress - Bale especially from a defensive perspective. Proud to see these two do well. Bentley continues to show determined consistency. Wilson was strong, Hudd equally so but didn't do enough IMO in an offensive way. Game needed someone to dictate. Hudd doesn't always impose himself half as much as he's capable of doing. We defended well too but then it wasn't like Villa put us under pressure. Gomes alert when called upon.

Should Harry have made a sub and taken a risk? Niko for Moddle? Had it not worked out I'm sure some of us would have still criticised him for making the wrong substitution.

I do think that had Lennon played in this game and one or two others in recent weeks we'd be in a better position. CL football is not in a galaxy far far away, but rather just a hyper-jump away.

13 games left. No need for a funeral procession just yet. But with Liverpool back in 4th and waiting on the return of Torres, once more we're left hoping all this possession ends with one or two head shots. At the very least.