Spurs away to Wolves...this is no side show

13 games left. And tonight's visit to Wolves is a 100% 'have to bloody win no sorry pathetic excuses or what ifs' type of encounter. I know we can't and won't be winning all our remaining matches, but (with no disrespect meant) this has to be our three points. Grafted and deserved. It's considerably more comfortable a game than one or two other fixtures ahead of us.

The opposition might not be big, but the game is most definitely king-sized. Complacency? I damn you to hell. Plums are of no use here, bring your grape-fruits.

Can we do it? We can, can we not? You're not stalling your answer, are you?

So therefore, I expect to be pushing ahead with my planned demonstration outside THFC tomorrow, with one banner, one simple banner stating the words: DIE LEVY DIE

I am not asking for the resignation of any of the directors or the manager. It's not that kind of demonstration. I am simply pointing my finger towards the person solely responsible for the club and it's progression so others witnessing are left with no doubt as to the persons identity, allowing them to join in with proceedings. It's subtle, I know. And you might wonder why I'm doing this in German. It's dramatic. It reminds me of Klinsmann.

Harsh you might think that I'm waving my finger just at the chairman. And I do believe he should have done more in the last window. Not suggesting we over-spent or panic-bought. But simply worked harder to secure a deal for another midfielder. We've had since the summer to do so. The chance to consolidate is one that has been missed. Much like 2006. But the team is still more than capable. And we remain a club without (potentially) crippling debt.

I'm ignoring Harry's 'we can finish about Arsenal' media-friendly pre-match nonsense. And I'm happy to hear Luka speak of the Wolves defeat (back at the Lane) and how revenge is on the cards tonight. And although King will be absent, I can not disagree that if we do continue to play the way we are playing, we are going to hit good winning form.

I personally believe we'll smash someone to bits very very soon. Teams defend deep, suffocate space and make it a pain the backside for us when playing in N17 causing way too much fragmented urgency. Away, it's different. They come and have a go, allowing our players to use the space presented to them. It's ironic we are more comfortable on our travels. No always, but more often than in previous years.

We need to be lucky by making up our own luck. And we need to take a risk, both on the pitch and off it (then on it) - in the way of substitutions at pivotal moments in the game. Would be nice to see Niko make an appearance tonight - at some point. And the continued improvement of Bale and Bentley goes without say. But most importantly, we need to be patient. Much like we were at Leeds in the cup.

So, with those thoughts in mind, I'm hoping to see you all tomorrow, outside the ground at around 11am. In celebration of victory, and in celebration and support of our chairman. A love parade of sorts. A demonstration of endearment for The Levy; Daniel Levy. And the supporting cast of manager and players. Our support is very much needed. Believe. And the players will believe.

After tonight, its down to just 12 games and 36 points.

Can we do it? We can, can we not? Of course we bloody can.