Who's the Pompey mystery man?

From the Beeb:

BBC South understands that the deal to sell Begovic has been done without the support of either Storrie or executive director Mark Jacob, the lawyer of owner Ali Al Faraj.

Which means that Ali Al Faraj is also not involved, I guess. You'd think. Unless he's personally dealing with the transfers. Without the aid of his lawyer. Hmm.

So who exactly is speaking to Daniel Levy over the transfers of Kaboul and Begovic?

The annoying twat with the cowbell? One of the groundsmen? Red Rum?

My money's on Ian Beale. Innocent of killing Archie Mitchell but shrewd enough to mastermind the take over of Pompey whilst behind bars in order to fund his next venture. Ian Beale action figures with removalable goatees. Actually, that makes no sense at all. Pompey are debt ridden, so he has no chance of making any money out of it to aid the manufacture of the figures in secret sweat shops housed in deepest Walford.

Spooky Understands its Ali Al Faraj, as owner, doing what he wants to do because he owns the club and things are beyond desperate. If he's not talking to his manager and his chief executive, that's an internal issue with Portsmouth. His lawyer, being a lawyer, is unlikely to assist or admit nothing to BBC South anyway.

It's basically none of our business either way and if the players are available, and we want them, then our chairman will no doubt speak to the person/s at Pompey who are tasked with negotiating transfers.

The original news article from the BBC is simply based on conjecture from the mouth of Storrie, so believe what you want.

£6M for the both of them is the reported combined price tag. We do love a bargain.

But seriously...KABOUL? Really?