The Jan transfer window has gone looney tunes

So apparently David Sullivan is mouthing off about all this Gudjohnson business. The Evening Standard run with the back-page headline stating:

"David Sullivan’s fury as Spurs hijack Eidur Gudjohnsen deal"

Is this not the same Sullivan who had shares in Tottenham and attempted to hijack ENIC's consolidation of ownership? Or did I just make that up? If I did, it's just like the tabloids. Ooh. Maybe he tried to buy shares in THFC. Bah, I've lost my punchline now.

How about posing like Ray Winstone again for the camera. Yeah, that's it, no smiling, just make sure you look well 'ard.

Bore off mate.

As for Eidur, got a footballing brain and some of our lot are justifying it by suggesting he would work a treat linking up the midfield with attack. We're not short on the creative side. I'd much prefer a proper goal scorer. Are old men really the only choices we have at the minute? Not seen the bloke play recently so I can't really offer much other than to say his best years are past him. Then again, some said the same of a certain other 'clever' forward.

I wish him luck at Upton Park.


So Gio is off to Turkey and once more we are divided into various groups of opinions.

"He's over-rated"

"Trouble-maker who doesn't train"

"Never got a chance"


Did Barcelona know what they were doing when they got rid of him? Probably. I don't buy all this 'he wanted to play first team football so he left' nonsense. What amuses me is how having done nothing with this player, do people actually believe we'd go out and buy his brother? This is now officially the worst January transfer window of all time. Anyways, Gio is on loan so you never know...we might see him again. Probably not.

Time to re-call Adel.


On the subject of kids, have we learnt nothing with Gareth Bale? So refrain yourselves from thinking that John Bostock has been ruined. He's a teenager. The mistake we made was not leaving him to complete the season at Crystal Palace and then bring him into our academy fold and allow for first team experience. Rather than tour games and the one UEFA Cup cameo. The kid has talent, but as usual we don't appear to be the best place on earth to nurture and develop and bring them into the fold. I liked Harry's comments about getting him to train with the first team. Positive thinking finally. If he's good enough, we'll soon know.


Kaboul. Two words. What the fuck? That was three words.