Next time. Maybe.

Total football and the deafening noise from the Kop defeated us this evening. Back in our box we go. That was dogshit. This is one DVD the club has to commission, not for the Spurs Shop but for our inept players. That's if the club can find them to hand over the match highlights, considering a few went missing tonight.

This was proper eunuch running around in a brothel football. Plenty of movement but not where it matters. The limp lilywhite curse strikes again. Make it 66 games without victory away to a Top 4 club. Even if this particular club was meant to be struggling and without confidence. We simply failed to take the initiative, never recovering from that early sucker-punch of a goal. It wasn't something that surprised me.

Tactically, not good enough. Over to you Harry for that. Did I spot some hoofing out there? Also not enough leadership and not a whimper of the scruff-of-the-neck determination required to change the tempo of the game to suit us. Sure, we had plenty of possession, but the lot of it was powder-puff in the final third. Liverpool had the better efforts. That just about sums it up.

This isn't a knee-jerk by the way. I said in my match preview that this game would not define anything in the long run, although based on the performance its probably telling us we most definitely lack that extra bit of class. Which we know already. When we lose Lennon as an outlet we weaken far too much. Its tragic how we simply fail to adapt. Shame we don't have another right-winger who can came in and do a job for us.

And if we have aspirations we have to adapt. Yes, it's one game, but the only statement we made out there tonight was taken from the usual script and we did nothing to prove to anyone (the players proving it to themselves) that they want to step up a level.

Mental strength. Where art thou.

As mentioned, too many of our 'key' players on the pitch failed to turn up. Not sure I understood the logic behind the subs tonight either.

Overall disappointing. Wasteful. I laughed at the Defoe goal being disallowed. The agenda is alive and well there. The penalty, no complaints. Webb would have collapsed and fainted had he not been given the chance to point to the spot at least once in the course of the game.

We are lacking edge. We sort of know it deep down but go along for the ride and hope they surprise us. But until we get hold of someone in midfield who can push forward and dominate in offensive positions I think we'll continue to flirt with 4th spot but never quite pull her panties down.

It's getting boring now, all the epic fails and facepalms away from home. It was a good opportunity to get something out of this game. Nut sadly, not enough craft, guile or belief.

Onwards. Dirty Leeds up next, then Fulham at home.

Heads up, plenty more twists to come.