Boys from Brazil to Tottenham High Road

The Prince is dead, long live the Prince. He's not actually dead, he's been transferred to Pompey for £4M, which is arguably a fate worse. Goodbye Kevin-Prince Boateng and the fallacy of German young player of the year. I sort of expected him to play a bit-part this season as he's impressed in training and has shown the odd glimpse or two of that creative spark that he does possess. His attitude in the past was awful, but he appears to have grown up. So either he doesn't stand a chance of ever breaking into our first team based on who we have at the moment (Palacios, Jenas, Huddlestone, O'Hara) or we are hopeful of bringing in one of our central midfield targets (Anin, Sandro, Sissoko). With Adel Taarabt out on loan at QPR, I thought the Prince would be our Carling Cup wildcard for the season. Might be that honour has been bestowed on the almost forgotten Gio do Santos, who did well in midweek.

However, there's more. Rumours are suggesting that Jamie O'Hara will also go to Pompey - on loan. Although this is a slight knee-jerk at the time of writing, as it's Pompey asking for Jamie. And what if it happened? Would mean our midfield loses a little depth in cover. Doubt very much Harry would let him go regardless, but to let him go without a certain replacement lined-up? So back to our midfield targets. Anin (the big French bloke ex-boxer) is on trial. No word yet on how well he's done. Sissoko has gone very (very) quiet. No suggestion that a middle ground can be agreed on re: transfer fee.

As for Sandro (he's the Brazilian at Internacional), it's taken a sudden unexpected twist. It would appear the real reason Levy was out in South America was to seal a strategic partnership. The purpose of the deal is to develop players for both club and other European leagues. We loan them ours they loan us there's. So we get the next Pato and we give them the new Johnnie Jackson.

No actual idea how this is meant to work for them other than their loaned players make a name for themselves at Spurs and then they sell them to a Spanish or French club for loads of dosh. For us, from the sounds of it, we take their kids and climatise them to English/European football. Whether we get first refusal is possibly something Levy has (attempted) pencilled in.

Bad news is (possibly) is the Sandro story may well be just a deflection - mis-information to distract everyone away from the real reason Levy was out there. We'll have to wait and see.

If the emphasis is truly on helping the development of the boys from Brazil, then perhaps the Sandro deal will happen. But not as a full transfer.

Gio to Internacional on loan, Sandro to N17?