All Quiet on the Tottenham Front

Frazier Campbell has returned to Utd and the lad is already being linked with a move to Hull. Sunderland are looking at Darren Bent and there’s this rumour from a ‘you know who deep throat nudge nudge wink wink’ who is sharing info that out £14M Russian forward has handed in a transfer request. No doubt the tabloids will pick up on this and run with an exclusive in 3...2...1...

I'm bored.

I don’t know whether it’s the sudden realisation that we were never quite as interested in Gareth Barry as we were led to believe, which ironically included me taking Redknapp's comments at face value and then pretending not to take notice of some of the red top headlines who had us competing with City for his signature. A touch of hypocrisy. I preach that people shouldn't listen to the hype, yet part of me did and wanted to believe it. Just a little part. No, not that part. I'm talking percentages in the commodity of belief. About 2% if you're interested. It was a weak moment and I must repent. Barry has also repented it would seem. Bless him.

Regardless of all this it didn't quite get the juicies flowing. Not in a 'BRAZILAIN WONDERKID DIEGO TO SPURS' kinda way (remember that transfer saga and Pleat's antics?)

Nothing has got the juicies flowing since the season ended. But then it has only just ended. I guess for once we're not quite at the forefront of the tabloid backpages, with City and Chelsea dominating for the moment.

I don't mind us going about our business on the quiet, but this is Levy and it's Redknapp and I doubt it's going to be all hush hush. But then it's not a bad thing if all we get is dis-information and then suddenly from left-field we sign a left-winger, with no leaks pre-contract shared online or in the press. Out of the blue is the way to work it.

But then, that's no fun.

Maybe the people who follow ITK gossip have it right. It’s like crack. It’s addictive as hell and will probably destroy you in no time if you keep on taking it in. But boy, what a rush.

Damn it, I'm conflicted.

Currently, there are plenty of names mentioned but nothing overly attractive flattering its eyelids at Levy and his cheque book.

Even Corluka is whoring targets, citing Srna and Krancjar as players Harry is apparently keen on. Some fans are jumping on player quotes (‘I am available for a club who wishes to have me’) and hoping, wishing Spurs take note. Carvalho anyone?

2+2=4? Nope not really. It's more Fibonacci sequence. Ain't got a sodding clue.

Elsewhere, there is still no indication whether Mansion is staying on as our sponsor or what the new kit looks like (other than that white training shirt with the yellow strips).

It’s the calm before the storm and along with every other Spurs fan, I’m suffering withdrawal symptoms after a season where almost every second was lived out like it was a 1000 days.

I guess I need to look elsewhere for an alternative non-transfer related football fix until something breaks out on the Sky Sports ticker.

Whether I end up lurking in message boards waiting for the very gossip I lambast most days or just go cold turkey remains to be seen.

For the moment, I rest easy in the trenches. With a bottle of rum.