Glory comes in three colours....with a touch of yellow

Morning all.

As you will no doubt have seen, the kits have been launched with a rather snazzy presentation on the official site. No surprise that the leaked designs have turned out to be spot on. Drum roll....


If it was not for the yellow bits, this would easily qualify as one of the smartest home shirts for a long time.

Not too shabby. Yellow on blue isn't that bad. But again, its unnecessary.

I have utterly no idea what the lines/track marks are meant to be on the side, but regardless - it's a decent shirt.

So that's that. The people who like it will buy it (the home shirt). The people who don't wont. No doubt, as long as we are winning, we can be playing in white bin bags for all I care, and I'll be more than content. It's just a shame that some fruit-cake thought it best to add those streaks in.

How about a nice limited edition all white home shirt for the purists?

COYS and all that jazz.