Do do do...Nigel Reo-Zokora


This is one of those 'what I'm currently reading' type of blog posts. I like to share the wealth.


Who: HoofHarted
Date: 25 June 2009
Site: COYS

The Transfer Windows opens next Wednesday.

I can confirm there will be activity at THFC within the first week, both players arriving and players leaving.

I am not going to name, names, in case of jeopardising any potential deal, except to say most of the names have already been mentioned on here.

- The most important piece of ITK info this week (so far), collected in a thread over at with various other gems. Also, expect tomorrow to arrive at some point soon. Keep an eye out for the moon followed by the sun.


"For Tottenham, it is a fixture of far greater significance, a match against a key rival that, over the years, has emerged from Tottenham's shadow and started to stake a claim to replace them as London's third biggest club"

- The Games Gone Crazy, a West Ham United blog about Tottenham, talking about the rivarly between us and the 'ammers. Bless. I'm not going to link to the article or the blog. You can easily find it in amongst the Tottenham News Now listings.


"Sadly for Arsenal fans, their club haven’t been able to sustain the success they enjoyed as our rivals, failing to win back to back titles under Wenger and reaching just one European Cup final. They have been “in transition” since 2005, like United were, however they haven’t managed to develop out of this period yet"

- The Republik of Mancunia tells it how it is. Transitional Arsenal? Alas, they have no need to fret. They have the kids. You know the kids, right? They had them last year and the year before and the year prior to that one. In fact they always have the kids. I'd expect to find Peter Pan playing in their academy side, kidnapped from Never Never land and now living in Never Again land.



"Tottenham want Reo-Coker?! Is that official or supposed ITK's? It saddens me to say as I really thought he would go far but he is an English version of Zokora. He had so much potential when he burst onto the scene - the fact he captained every club he played for, especially us at his age shows that - but he has just never kicked on like he should of. Majorly frustrating when you see him make an unbelievable tackle inside his own box, power his way past the opposition three quarters of the way up the field and let himself down with a wayward 10 yard pass. If he can't do it now, I don't think he ever will"

- The progression of Harry Redknapps side discussed here, including some decent insight from an almost decent West Ham fan concering the rumours of Reo-Coker signing for Spurs. You can't see me, but I'm shuddering.