The dream is over for Ricketts...again

50 Cent’s favourite MLS player has been released by Toronto FC having played only three games this season compared to the twenty-seven he appeared in last term. Once again, Ricketts is on his bike. Was meant to be one of the more skillful players across the pond but obviously doesn't do enough to warrant a first team place - so I’m waiting for him to update either his Twitter account or his blog (or his other blog) for a possible explanation as to why he’s failed to make the grade. Again. Apart from being an average team player with an attitude problem/off the field issues/lack of application. I don’t know. Choose one.

Talking of Twitter, this gem is from his Wikipedia entry:

Rohan is also a known user of social networking site Twitter, under the username rohanricketts. He was involved in a controversy, dubbed "Twitter-gate" by Toronto FC fans when statements of displeasure with the amount of playing time he was receiving were posted on his twitter account, he alleges that it was someone else who posted the messages.

He just can't help himself can he?

Last time I mentioned Ro-Ric one or two of you from across the pond had a bit of info to share about his general performance in the MLS, so please feel free to share any opinions or rumours about the termination of his contract.

As for 50 Cent. There's no accounting for taste.