Is this really the new Spurs kit?

Dear God please let this be a mock-up. You'll remember a few weeks back a white and yellow-stripped shirt made an appearence on various message boards, where most dismissed it as a training top/blatant fake, but going on the PR blurb and the 'Glory comes in 3' tagline, I think it's time to put the kettle on and welcome in the colour yellow. And the red of Mansion also appears to be remaining with us for another season. So real or fake?

If the image linked above suddenly disappears then we'll take it as a real.

Unless of course, this is some sly clever dis-information perpetuated by the club who then go on to shock us all with an all-white home shirt.

Who am I kidding?

Is it too late for an intervention? I can be round to Daniel Levy's home within 30 minutes with a stern word or two.