Spurs v City: 3-5-2 will do

If we don't let any in, then its record-breaking time down at the Lane. Nine conceded all season long. It's a far cry from the never-ending goal glut at both ends, during the course of last season. Now if only Harry could fine-tune the offensive line and overcome our reluctance to score a second goal and add more on top, then we could have a tasty home record next season that will help in abundance with a sustained push for the giddy heights of 5thish.

Lennon is out. BAE fit to play. King, detoxed and seeking redemption. City do not have Robinho available (which is a shame, because he's dire away from home). Win might see us take 7th (depending on what Fulham do, and some people would actually prefer to see Fulham beat Newcastle). Who cares as long as we see out the season (at home) with a lovely three points, a clean sheet and two or three in the onion bag.

Not since 2003 have we tasted defeat against City (Prem wise) at WHL. Might well be a Cup-tie type of game, as a loss for Hughes side would mean 7th spot is an impossibility going into the final game of the season. Probably render our chances as null and void too if we end up with zero.

Harry, bless him, has dropped another Two Points© mention into his pre-match interview. If we managed to steal 7th, expect a Redknapp special DVD release with a holographic cover, move it ever so slightly and you can see him go from serious face to joyful twitch.

Back on the European question (do we want it or not?) I guess the argument is around whether it interferes with league form when involved in Europe. And also, whether you value silverware and history books more so than a 4th spot and involvement in the Champions League. Basically, no Europa League means - in theory - we can go full pelt for 5th spot or higher. It's theoretical. And in reality, would you not want Spurs involved in all competitions possible? If we qualify, we should be aiming to win it. By the way, I'm just throwing out all these opinions for the sake of discussion - as personally, I'm still undecided. I don't think you can prove statistically that being in the UEFA Cup (or any version of it) impacts league form negatively. Unless you have a manager who prefers not to play his best players in the league and saves them for Europe.

Back to the game, will be interesting to see how the midfield lines up once more without Wilson. Does Hudd get another game to prove his worth? He might be more comfortable at home in a game where football is likely to be played (and allowed to flow). Chances our Harry will once more field a 3-5-2 formation - which might be more than enough for a home game - with Hutton and Bale allowed to run havoc on the wings (we need something from either side, with Aaron out).

I say run havoc, because it would be nice to see a system that places a hefty amount of emphasis on these two positions work and work well. Gareth had a decent game at Goodison. Would be grand, just grand, if that jinx was ended tomorrow.

Zokora is also fit and available which might answer the Hudd question. A Jenas - Zoko - Moddle threesome would be plenty frolicsome and would allow for energy, tenacity and spark.

I hope one out of three is enough.

Going backwards for a moment, don't expect the Charlie - Woody - Ollie Reed combo to change and looking towards the frontline, I'd like to see Defoe and Pav up front. Keane on the bench. But expect (much like last week) to see Robbie start.

A couple of kids on the bench would be a nice end of season preview for next year. Rose, Bostock maybe even Townsend. Any one of many would be cool. Just nice to have a wildcard on the bench.

As for Chimbonda and Bentley. One we've hardly seen the other we might never see.

Let's not forget Ledley King. Let’s just forget the week he's had.

Enjoy the day out people.

2-0 Spurs.