Roman holiday a nightmare according to the oracle Oleg

So I'm sitting here wondering whether it's worth blogging today as it's not quite time to preview the WBA game just yet (tomorrow is more suitable) and the assortment of current transfer stories doing the rounds are not worthy of a second glance, as they are the usual textbook agent-tabloid hybrid of half truths that are there to serve the purpose of cluttering up the sports pages to give it a more busy appearance.

( 3...2...1 to point out I'm doing the exact same thing with this article).

Michel Bastos (the Lille midfielder) is the current 'target' mentioned in the press if you fancy you-tubing him. It's been doing the gossip rounds for a couple of days now, so I'm sure you've already checked out examples of the 'hardest left-foot in the French league'. Maybe we can sign him just so he can aim his boot at David Bentleys arse.

Elsewhere, one of our youth players broke the legs of an Arsenal youth player. Not outside a pub or anything equally distressing but in a league game for their respective loan clubs. Other than the FA writing to Jenas to explain himself over his comments about Howard Webb, there's not much else going on. Although there's always Harry and his mouth.

Harry has spoken about how Spurs are a big club and breaking the Top 4 is a huge task. He then goes and mentions the two scary words that seem to always plight our progression: Champions League.

Let's not talk about 'C' 'L' or refer to it. Considering that Ramos was meant to be the key to the elite door I think it's a little early to be hoping Harry has had a replacement cut. And as we all know that using a credit card to unlock the door doesn't work, breaking in by smashing the back window is highly unlikely as we don't quite have the bottle for that at present. With the right tools....perhaps?

One step at a time.

But yeah, other than that. Nowt to talk about. Yes, I'm lagging behind on recent news items and thus lacking anything to comment on. That was until I ventured over to Harry Hotspur's blog and read this. Something else I managed to miss first time round.

So, Mr Oleg Romantsev apparently thinks we play kick-and-run football with the not so sassy stylistics of physical play and an abundance of battling qualities. Such is the simplistic standard of these tactics that they deserve to exist at an amateur level. Oleg's words.

Maybe Levy can move the Tottenham franchise to Russia.

Oleg then educates us further with his insight, informing us that Pav prefers more technical football and that Arshavin was far luckier in signing for Arsenal (who apparently play in the Spartak style which is made up of technical play with plenty of short passes and running and unorthodox moves).

Right firstly, Arshavin was lucky in signing for Arsenal because they were the only club that wanted to talk to Zenit. He is also (hate to say it) far far far more technical than Pav is. So I doubt very much that them lot over there would have ever considered a bid for Pav. As for Spartak playing football like the scum, well, there's a bunch of kids at the bottom of my road who kick the football around and they too attempt to play short passing football wearing yellow Samba shirts - that doesn’t mean they're any fucking good, does it?

As for unorthodox moves, does that involve spitting? Need clarification on whether Spartak play the Arsenal way to the finest detail.

With the greatest respect, the Russian league can not be compared with the English PL. As for Arshavin, he would have fitted into the Spurs team just fine. A bit like that other bloke. The Bulgarian. He wasn't too shabby with the technical stuff, and seemed to play fine in a team famed for their amateurish physical battling style. Except for the fact that we are not Bolton Wanderers.

We might not be technically outstanding, but we remain a side that always attempts to play the ball on the floor, whether its short passing movements or cross field balls to feet. We are easy on the eye, and when we turn it on, we look mightly impressive.

Which makes me wonder whether Oleg is simply making stuff up and acting as some kind of transfer beacon for Pav who might well be looking at a quick summer getaway.

If Roman and Spurs are happy in their relationship, then the only thing to say is....Oleg mate, lay off the vodka.