The Stupendous Adventures of Bale and Bentley

David: Alright Gareth.

Gareth: Alright David.

David: What you up too?

Gareth: Just combing my hair. You?

David: Push-ups. I combed my twice already this morning.

Gareth: Push-ups? Hair looks great by the way. What product you using?

David: The gaffer said I should concentrate on getting the basics right so I decided to give the star-jumps a rest. I’m using Quantum Sequence.

Gareth: How’s it working out?

David: Amazing. Weightless style, brings out the highlights and it’s got this zippy bounce when I run.

Gareth: No, not your hair. The push-ups.

David: I don’t know. Ok I guess.

Gareth: Sky Sports had you on yet?

David: No, not yet. Getting into camera shot when I’m practically laying on the floor…it’s tricky business.

Gareth: I can imagine.

David: So….

Gareth: So…

David: Anything planned for later?

Gareth: I’m seeing a witch doctor.

David: You need to stop going to Faces.

Gareth: I know. What about you? Anything planned?

David: I’m kicking a ball.

Gareth: From a roof into a skip?

David: No. Just kicking it. On the training field. Around the cones. Alone.

Gareth: Neat.


NEXT WEEK: Gareth and David feed a squirrel at the Lodge but disaster strikes when the little blighter chokes on a nut and David and the squirrel have to call emergency services.