In support of Frank Lampard

Can't believe I'd ever say that, but James O'Brien comes across as a bit of a tool in his attempt to justify his comments about the tabloid stories concerning Frank Lampard and his ex Elen Rives and their break-up. You'll note, O'Brien loves the sound of his own voice as much as Lampard loves to score deflected goals.

Lampard called into O'Brien's show to defend himself over the suggestion he's 'weak and scum', implied by O'Brien, although he denies he was talking about Frank - even though in the context of the radio phone-in discussion, he was quite obviously (if indirectly) aiming the comment at the Chelsea player.

Click here to listen to the conversation in full.

And watch this to see O'Brien attempt to justify his opinion with Sky's Kate Burley. Kate turns me on by the way. Wouldn't mind her interviewing me. In bed. With handcuffs.

Moving on, regardless of whether Lampard had an affair (or not, allegedly) is not our business - it's between him and his ex - and neither is the fact that he is any less of a father because he is going through a break-up. And since when do people take tabloid stories at face value?

Ridiculous 'LOOK AT ME, LOOK AT ME' attempted hype from O'Brien.