Spurs to sign Beckham? That makes sense

Staggering piece of journalism in today’s Sun concerning Harry Redknapp and how we all shouldn’t be too surprised if he manages to resurrect David Beckham’s career form the dead by signing him in the summer. Because if you haven't yet noticed, Becks has slipped into obscurity in recent months.

The assumption made is that Becks needs football after the MLS season ends in October and I guess AC Milan won’t be an option. I say guess because you have to suspend probability to get a grasp of Ian McGarry’s Inside View. All this is based on the logic that LA Galaxy and Milan don't agree a transfer deal and that if Ancelotti leaves for Chelsea the new man at the helm might not want the England veteran. And thus, the Premier League is the only logical loan spell awaiting. That's all quite possible in theory, but none of it is actually referenced or argued.

There’s plenty of hot air about why it would benefit the player to wear Lilywhite and how it won’t harm his England chances and that Harry, a selfless creature, would rejuvenate Beckham who is currently a pale insignificant shadow of his former self playing for an amateur club in a low quality league. Ok, Milan aren’t that bad, and neither is Italian football but obviously playing for Spurs is a far more rewarding prospect according to Ian.

The 'Beckham wanted to be Glenn Hoddle when he was a kid' comment doesn't cut it with me either. This, the same Hoddle that humiliated Becks in England training?

The rest of the article is about the magic man-management of Redknapp and how he’s handled King infinitely better than Ramos ever did – which is something nobody could argue a case against.

Now if you’re still unsure McGarry is writing without substance and reason, other than a PR push for Harry, then the following will surely guarantee it:

“According to those who know him best, Redknapp would be the last to claim success is all about him, his ability or his personality. Speak to the players he coaches, though, and you discover that even if Harry denies being a Special One, he is certainly special. It’s just he doesn’t go shouting from the rooftops. Redknapp’s style is understated and is based on over 45 years’ experience in the game”

Harry would be the last to claim success? According to those who know him best? Who? Jamie Redknapp? I’m not going to dispute ‘arrys man management skills because they have taken us from the mire up to a UEFA Cup push. But to claim he is understated and that he doesn’t like standing in the limelight (which is what’s being suggested) is wonderfully ridiculous. Harry calls up Sky Sports News often with ‘from the horses mouth’ exclusives, ffs. He’s a media-whore, and he loves it. And everyone knows it.

Does Harry write for the Sun? Does Ian know Harry personally? Ian must be In The Know, as apparently he seems privy about a proposal that Levy is ‘seriously considering’ on forking out for the Beckham brand. What else is in this proposal? Does it cover whether Becks will be signed to play on the right replacing the younger, raw talent of Lennon? Or will he play in the middle, pushing Huddlestone further away from the pecking order? And haven’t we already got a beta-version of Becks in the reserves that needs a serious reboot?

I’ll shave off my beard and eat it if we signed David Beckham.