Spurs 'nearly signing' someone can be music to my ears

I was otherwise engaged yesterday (hence the lack of a morning/afternoon blog article) having spent the best part of four and a half hours as a guest of the Central Line thanks to a track problem, two defected trains and a signal failure.The London Underground is a bit like re-signing Pascal Chimbonda. Shambolic.

This morning’s journey was far more pleasant and was spent a little more productively putting together this light breakfast blog (something to read with your corn flakes). We’ll have to wait and see how the day progresses in the way of more meaty subject matter for me to write-up about. I'll leave the 'Beckham to Spurs' rumours alone for the minute.

So, first up, Daws. The lad might have ligament damage or it might just be a plain old fracture. Either way, not great. We have enough cover to muddle through, I’m sure. Summer isn’t too far off, so plenty of recovery time to be fit and ready for next season – as long as it’s not too serious an injury. I like Dawson. He recovered from his clumsy blip and has performed admirably for us since. Decent squad player who has a part to play at Spurs. I'm sure most of you are now scoffing at the suggestions he was Championship quality at best. Patience, not a virtue some of our fans are blessed with.

Elsewhere, I’ve basking in the glory that is the greatness of Spurs 'nearly' signing players. One player in particular. The two words that make me all giddy?

Craig. Bellamy.

It's scary that Harry wanted this player to spearhead our attack. Mr Angry was never the answer but Redknapp fancied him and made no qualms about it. So much so that our esteemed chairman made a bid or two, thankfully rejected by West Ham's new-founded 'we won't sell to Spurs' transfer policy. It finally ended with the backhanded suggestion that Man City's alleged interest in Palacios - which died the moment we gave up on Bellamy - was a form of blackmail to allow Hughes to complete the signing of the Welsh striker without any trouble. Which indicates that Bellamy was more interested in Spurs than he was City. Who said politics was dirty hasn’t spent enough time in the murky world of football.

As for the day Bellamy was officially unveiled as a City player, what a joyful day that was. It was one of those ‘where were you?’ moments akin to people who recall what they were doing on that fateful day in Dallas when JFK was blown away. I remember dancing with joy and skipping and singing to the birds when I read the SSN ticker. A transfer story is nothing until its trickling across your screen.

He’s gone on to score five goals in eleven appearances and has spent the rest of his time as a City player injured. It’s a concern that Harry actually thought he’d get some kind of positive impact from making him a Lilywhite and his comments post-near miss transfer about how he was surprised about the Spurs fans negativity towards the clubs interest in the player is naivety on the part of Redknapp. Fully fit all of the time, he might have an argument with spending £6M or £7M on him. We – as fans – might have to bite the bullet if a player has undoubted abilities even if he has characteristic impediments relating to personality. But he’s never fit. And he’s not very likable. The fact Levy sanctioned it is even more worrying.

Bringing Bellamy to White Hart Lane would be like a Romulan turning up to a birthday party in Klingon fancy dress. It’s just not fucking funny. Robbie Keane, a less angry Irish version of Craig Bellamy, was the better choice.

Elsewhere, I was not at all shocked or surprised when it was confirmed to me that Noel Gallagher (on the TalkSport show over the weekend with Russell Brand) churned out his ‘I’d rather smother my kid than let him support Spurs©’ line. You’ve heard this one before, right? Although last time he was quoted as saying I've told him (his son) he can support his local team down here if that's what he wants - but he can't support Man Utd or Tottenham. I have an irrational loathing of Spurs, their fans and everything about that club”.

See what he’s done there? He’s taken something that he’s said before and he’s said it again, expecting everyone to be equally impressed with the same thing, said a little differently. I’m not sure. Can’t quite put my finger on it. But this reminds me of something. It’s familiar to me. The same thing, repeated. Same words but delivered a little differently. Not quite the same..but sounds the same...

Nope, can’t think. Not to worry.

Anyways, for all we know, Noel might have already done the deed. Seriously, has anyone ever seen this alleged son of Noel? Liam hasn’t. He’s only seen pictures. Anything can be done with photo-shop these days.

Noel's local team by the way is Arsenal. He’s got a season ticket there. I saw him standing alone.

And moving swiftly along, I’ll end this article with some wise words from Andy Gray who stated the following at the start of the season:

'I know Spurs have been linked with Arshavin but I think he has been over-hyped. I'm not a big fan of Modric either. He looks ordinary to me but I can only assume Juande Ramos knows what he is doing.'

This is the same Modric who is showing mad skillz all over the shop and the idle yet clinical lad Arshavin (too expensive for Levy at £20M because money was better spent on £16M Bentley and only cost Arsenal around £12M in the end) who yesterday evening scored four goals at Anfield, be it four very well taken gift wrapped goals that a player of his undoubted ability could not have possibly missed. Where does Arsene find these kids from? Apparently it was the most brilliant display from a forward he's ever seen. Yeeeeees. Of course it was Arsene. You don't miss a thing with those big round eyes of yours.

As for Andy, take a bow son. You know your football. You know it so very very well, with your graphics and last word antics and you're insightful insightfulness.

In fact you know it just as well as your colleague Martin ‘Nowhere in the world would you get a game like this. And that's why the world's broadcasters come to us’ Tyler.

Time to bring out that yellow ticker. Spread the word.