Sandro, done and dusted, so say the Brazilians...

Okay, brace yourselves for yet another tabloid explosion. I've seen the News of the World have already picked up on this, and had I not read Cule-Spur's post over at GG I'd have thought the hacks over at the red tops were ITK and not just looking across the Atlantic towards South America where apparently the Brazilian press have been running with the story since yesterday. Globo Sport broke it and have been running Sky Sports News style it all day and are also discussing the possible replacement once Sandro makes his way to sunny N17.

Sandro is on his way. I know. Who'd have thought it.

I guess there's money in the kitty to splash out with, post-car boot sale.

Then again, perhaps this is just an example of Brazilian tabloid guess-work. Keep panties on for now.