International break strikes again!

Examples of how international week is detrimental to transfer stories:

Exhibit (A)

Arsene Wenger is considering a bid for improved ex-Tottenham keeper, Paul Robinson. The Arsenal boss is apparently seeking cover for the goal-keeping position due to the inconsistency of the current players available to him.

Exhibit (B)

Liverpool are looking at want-away Russian striker Roman Pavlyuchenko by signing him from Spurs. On loan.

Those pesky monkeys and their typewriters strike again! Robinson to the Emirates? I'll shave my head bald and tattoo Comolli's cheeky grin on the back of it if this deal ever happened. As for Roman to Liverpool, that's nailed on. You know, because of that other deal. Keane. He left us for Liverpool too. So they know they always get their moneys worth when they buy from us. Expect average Torres to come the other way as long as Rafa makes another donation to the Tottenham Foundation.

In other news Craig Gordon is apparently not happy about Jermain Defoe's challenge (for the ball) which left the Sunderland keeper with a fractured arm. Poor apparently. I remember thinking at the time that he JD was a little bit too optimistic about getting to the ball, but I'm not about to complain when one of our players shows ball-lust (stop it). Although I'm sure we'd be bitching if it was the other way around (I've had people tell me Bowyer's challenge on Modric was ok in their book).

As for JD (speeding aside) his grandma has had words considering on the pitch performances and his sending off re: Pompey so apparently he won't be embarrassing himself again. Perhaps we can get her to have a quiet word with Robbie Keane and remind him how to play from his heart rather than from a distant memory.

In conclusion? There's nothing more to say. I see the irony about reporting about reports that don't deserve to be reported on in the first place. I see it and yet it mocks me into reporting about it.

It's not even one of the good international breaks, the ones where the game at hand matters (from and English perspective that is - I'm more looking forward to Eire v France personally, more than our game v Brazil). Top 4 players dropping out of the squad every hour, at this rate Juddlestone will have their opportunity to decimate the boys from Brazil with deep-lying play-making and wonderful energetic bursts of pace.


Was it something I said?