This made me scratch my head.

"Cudicini's contract, like those of all professional footballers, precludes them from bring involved in any action that could affect their ability to train or play."

Do contracts also include clauses relating to speeding in ridiculously fast sports cars, sometimes when drunk driving into trees/walls or otherwise just falling out of clubs pissed and making a tit of yourself whilst almost getting into a punch-up? I'm going to hazard a guess and say Carlo has been driving a bike for the best part of his life. Accidents happen, however, footballers should be a little more responsible considering that keeping their bones in tact allows them to earn so well. But since when did responsibility and footballers go hand-in-hand?

There was also a mention in some of the reports that Harry and the rest of the squad had no idea he even owned a bike, which means he either just purchased it or he's been secretly parking up half a mile away and then briskly walking into the Lodge letting everyone know he got a lift into work. On the flip side of that, apparently he's been driving his bike to training for months - ever since he's joined Spurs because it's quicker for him to get from Surrey (where he lives) to Chigwell. So the club are aware of his travelling arrangements.

Regardless, as someone else eloquently put it, 'He's taking as much risk as any other biker. No one gets on their bike thinking 'I'll probably crash today, but at least I'm not a footballer'."

Fact remains, if you don't get onto a bike in the first place, then you'll unlikely to be involved in an accident that leaves you with two broken wrists and a broken pelvis. If Spurs knew (or if they didn't) either way, there's pretty much no insurance claim to be had here.
Good luck Carlo, get on the mend and get well soon.

Harry - don't knee-jerk and sign David James.