Fabio's gone too far this time

OUTRAGED fans blasted the England squad after Fabio Capello umm'd and ahh'd - and then decided to select Juddlestone for the England friendly against Brazil this weekend.

Hundreds of irate supporters bombarded radio, tv and tabloids with emails and calls attacking the loopy decision.

Mike Bayliss, 35, of  Southend said: "Fabio has ruined his own reign. It's Maradona syndrome. He's gone too far this time. Honestly, the skinny one out of the two reminds me of a deer with legs made of jelly caught in headlights. A jelly footed deer. Called Nancy. Soiling herself in the bright lights"

Carpenter Jim Williams, 44, of Manchester, added: "This proves the England team is no longer a footballing contest"

And nayimfromthehalfwayline emailed to say: "He's pretended to ignore the twins but has manipulated the public to now believe they are good enough for selection. I'll never watch England again."

Road sweeper David Dinner, 31, of London, said: "This is an outrage. The reason people tune into England games is to see Fabio lead us to victory with class and style - but he has totally undermined this."

Rebecca Jones, 29, of Newport, Wales, said: "There's no evidence of talent and to place them in amongst all the wealth of ability is a joke"

Richard Dingle, 29, London, said: "I have always admired and liked Fabio, but today I am disgusted with him, I cannot believe he hasn't selected Wilshire."

Juddlestone - The controversial twins backed by the England boss

Stephen Roberts, 22, of Ongar, Essex, added: "The fat one out of the two, he can hardly move. I can run around faster than him and I'm 18 stone"

Ronan Toor, 43, of Lewes, East Sussex, said: "Fabio has made himself look an idiot. He should have had the guts to ignore the terrible twins but instead has turned international football into a joke"

Jonathon Hust, 48, of Liverpool, said: "It's a disgrace. I know this Brazil friendly means nothing and there's no doubting that they are there just there to make up the numbers but there's plenty of others to select from with real talent…like Stephen Warnock. What? He's in the squad too? Sweet"

However, some fans did back Fabio's decision. DBTheTruth tweeted: "Juddlestone DO deserve to be selected, and booing from the fans and the hatred they're getting is just appalling! I for one am looking forward to those pin-point accurate balls to feet"

Chris Barber, 32, Birmingham, said: "Huddlestone does well when he's pinging balls to players who are willing to run into space and struggles in congested games made up of short fast passing movements. He'd do fine for England. No real need to run around and plenty of time on the ball. Everyone knows international football is a step down from the Premier League. The other one? He's a bit like that Andrew Ridgeley from Wham. He's there. You can see him. He appears to have the tools to do the job, but you can't quite figure out what the hell he's meant to be doing, standing there with a blank expression looking lost as people around him do all the work"

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