Random footie thoughts on a Monday evening

Bellamy. Phew. The last thing we wanted was a 29 year old injury prone player who is basically a Cardiff born version of Robbie Keane. Just a bit more angry and with more tattoos. Add to it, not prolific, not reliable and has discipline issues. Handy with golf club, mind. At least Robbie does cartwheels. Or did once upon a time. Kaka, Robinho......Bellamy. School boys own stuff. It's like a dream team from SI's Football Manager 2009.

Modric doesn't spend enough time in forward positions. I'm stating the obvious, aren't I? When he does, he's sublime. We saw it on Sunday when he played Defoe in with a decisive little bullet pass which led to the equaliser. So can we have more of the Modric of the final 30 or so minutes from now on, rather than the deep in midfield, fighting for every ball and attempting to gain possession version? Not that seeing him get stuck in is a bad thing (we need a bit of that), but a player of his quality should be maximised as much as possible for his strengths. Stay forward and create and conduct play and let Zokora do the donkey work and play the holding role. Oh. Right. Yes of course. Zokora. Our £8M gem of a DM. Who cares if he has a woeful first touch and can't pass. The dance! That dance! The one he does after the game if we win. HAHAHAHA, that Zokora, he so craaaaaaaazy.

Palacios doesn't want to leave Wigan apparently, as he's settled and probably fancies a bigger move in the summer. No disputing his form, but maybe this is fates way of telling Spurs they don't have to always splash out almost £15M on the player of the moment. Palacios has come out of nowhere (Birmingham reserves), and as we've seen in the past - not every flavour of the month lasts the distance.

As for Robbie Keane. What a waste up there. He should have known his limits and stayed with the little club in Lilywhite.

Cheeky bid?