'Them' and not 'us'

Nice little short on Redknapp, pretty much echoing the fact that Harry is all about Harry. As the article points out, our man at the helm is already beginning to distance himself from Spurs, just in case. But then, as noted many times already. Harry does tend to go overboard so that claims of a miracle are just in the end.

Do agree wholeheartedly with this gem of truth:

"Just buying players won't do it. New players just get co-opted into the prevailing mind frame. He needs to change the mentality of the squad to give them belief and desire"

Nail on head. I think it's a job too big for Redknapp to gut out the this plague of mediocrity that's haunted us for over 20 long years. It's not only far too easy to be average at Spurs, its roundly accepted. White Hart Lane has been a career comfort zone for far too many and simple a stepping stone for the talented few.