I am tired, weary, and I haven't a hope left

According to dear old Graham Roberts the Spurs midfield are nothing more than midgets.

"Most of these Spurs players are not up to it. The one thing with Harry is that he will tell you how it is. I believe he has got some players up his sleeve and that he needs to move some on before he can get them in. Because they need to get stronger.

You look at Harry's teams at Portsmouth. They were absolutely massive in midfield. Strong, physical, athletic. Tottenham? They've got midgets. None of them can tackle. They are fantastic at home playing the ball around teams but against Burnley in the first half we should have been out of the Carling Cup. He needs a right clear-out." (from the Daily Mirror)

Midgets? I think 'shit' is a far more apt description. Midgets would clearly do a grand job of disposing Burnley in the Cup. Spurs in the second half simply did the basics and upped the tempo by about 2% and managed to score four times. The gulf in class, even between a decent Championship side and a very very poor Spurs side is still massive, if that Spurs side decide to play a little. These same groups of players have shown this season, a cameo or two, that ticks the boxes of strong, physical, athletic. Hey, Zokora ticks those boxes every bleeding week. He just fails to tick the all-important 'I can play football' box.

Not very politically correct there Graham with your description. Maybe Hobbits would have been a better choice of words? Little men on a quest that will lead to greatness. Spurs have been perpetually that since Keith Burkinshaw left the club. But alas the mountain is nowhere to be seen.

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