Midnight Epiphany

I've had enough. Of Jenas. Ramos. The lot of them. We couldn't score in a brothel were all the women were knocked out from ryhypnol and tied up, bums in air, with us on a Viagra buzz. We'd still somehow, inexplicably, find our way to the cold shower and stand under it until our dicks shrivelled.

A chain reaction is required. If we lose to Hull, then Ramos should go. Taking with him the extra £5M (severance pay) and a bit that Levy got from Man Utd for Berbatov's inflated price. As much as I beat the drums for patience, if the player's can't perform for the manager next Sunday, then the fact this dismal league run stretches back to March of this year is enough for me to call time on the waiting game.

I'm being a typical fickle Spurs fan, swaying from one opinion to the next. But with Ramos (possibly, impending) departure, comes the sacking of Comolli. And possibly the surrender of the DoF concept. Expecting Levy to walk away is a bit too much at this point.

SpookyJenas, Ramos