Cowbell 2 Spurs 0, nothing, narda, zilch

Pompey were not all that great. The fact they won so easily is testament to just how fucking shit we are.

We never play our strongest line-up when it matters. With each game and variance to the selection, the end result is always the same. Abject failure. We are a team so passive in spirit and passion that winning a game is a concept so far fetched, it will only ever happen in Imagination Land.

No pace (Lennon on the bench) and no creativity (no Gio, O'Hara as chief playmaker). One up-front and King rested/injured (is there a difference nowadays?). Modric - our spark - currently looking too fragile for the mess we find ourselves in. Yeah sure, we should have had a penalty. But we can't sit around waiting for our luck to change. We have to be responsible and determined to graft out a victory from open play. From wanting it.

So do we blame the manager? Or Levy and Comolli? Yes, here we are again. Wasn't that long ago we all snuggled up to discuss a similar situation when Martin Jol was at the helm. And we all why that imploded.

Who to blame then?

Ramos, if disappointed with the summer dealings, should still be able to muster some kind of consistency with the team and the players he has. I can't believe motivation/inspiration and tactical nous is suddenly a blind spot for him. Yet our Prem record continues to degrade further. We might be missing a DM, but can you imagine if - for the sake of argument - Martin O'Neill was our manager? Would players give very little with him in the dug-out?

Something has to give. But if Levy has his finger on the panic button, which might result with a textbook self-destruct sacking, then it's roll-back time again. Another transition, and more pro-longed uncertainty. No wonder El Tel said no to the Newcastle job.

But that (Ramos management) isn't really the root of our problems, is it? Ramos can't be blamed for loss of Keane and Berbatov. Although harping on about it so much is also getting boring. And yes, I get the irony, because here I am again talking about the terrible twosome. It's a broken record this, but it's the heart of the issue. I might have 'celebrated' the way Levy fleeced both Utd and Liverpool for the cash, but with hindsight, it's been nothing short of shambloic.

Daniel Levy utterly spit-roasted the club's progression by fucking up the football side of things because he was too busy looking after the business side, pulling panties down and bending over.

Berbatov to United. Keane to his boyhood club. All we get is long-winded rants on the official site explaining how our players have been tapped up and illegally approached this and unfair that. And in the end, rather than do what Aston Villa did with Gareth Barry, we fail to set a deadline and a price with Berbatov, and instead, wait till the final seconds to sell him when we were always going to sell him. With Keane, we simply didn't spend the money profited on the type of player we desperately needed. All this income, along with increased season ticket prices - because Levy requires this extra dosh to help the club buy quality players.

How about buying the right type of players? Ones with leadership qualities. Backbones. Grafters. The type of players this club has desperately lacked for years and years. It's not difficult. Other clubs manage to do it. Even Hull and Stoke appear to have some fight in them. But no, we buy luxury players - who are all well and good - but only if you have the grafters doing the donkey work for them.

We never truly replaced Carrick. We've never come close to buying a left-winger. And when we did, we didn't want to pay him the money he wanted (Petrov, if you believe the stories).

Instead, we buy Pavlyuchenko. £14M for a player who can't speak the language. Has already played several months of Russian league football and doesn't even look 75% fit. He's cup-tied for the UEFA Cup and....this is the bit that takes the biscuit.....he is a similar type of player to Darren Bent which is why we are playing with one up-front.

How exactly is this NOT a panic buy? The lad, on form, will score goals - but there was no reason to buy him. Much like there was no reason to buy Bent when we did.

Keeping the club's bank balance in the black is all well and good, but it's not what defines a club. We are supporters, not appreciators of accountancy. And in the age of the Billionaire's playground, it's criminal to be wasting the money, no matter how much we make from selling our players.

If Ramos played a part in the transfer dealing this summer, then shame on him. If he did then he can stop complaining about the loss of Berba and Keane and take responsibility for what he is has. And Levy can take responsibility for Ramos.

If Ramos was promised but did not receive from Comolli, then his uncertainty and disappointment is being channelled through the players he selects.

But who cares? Who cares about any of the crap I've just written? Why bother trying to justify the reasons why we find ourselves rock bottom? It's happened. And depending on your perception and opinion, you either rate Levy for his handling of the club, or blame him. And you either want Ramos to remain and drag us out from this ugly pit we find ourselves trapped in or you want him sacked and replaced with yet another messiah.

Thursday will no doubt be another low in a season of constant lows.

Sunday will be yet another heart-wrenching must-win against.......Hull City.

You couldn't make this shit up. Just support Tottenham. We own the copyright.

SpookySol Campbell