Reading through, I found one comment about someone who no longer posts there due to possibly being fed up with people having a dig at him regarding the information he use to pass on. In this case, this bloke was spot on with it (he use to tell everyone the team news before official word had been published, including player positions tactically).

Someone who gets all upset over people slating him because he claims to be ITK has more to do with ego than anything else. Why come onto a message board and drop cryptic crap in the first place if it isn't some kind of deluded respect you're after? And why do people have to know team news, an hour or a day before hand?

Again, knowing something before the majority - before its official - won't change the fact that it will become official.

People (these alleged club insiders and ITK's) need to get themselves a sense of humour and rather than act all deep throat about it, just pass on their info (if that’s what they want to do) with a smile and people who read it should stop craving it like crack whores licking white dust off a shit covered floor.

To claim these people are doing us a favour is bullshit. If someone out there is genuine and actually has ties with the club, then shame on them for passing the info on. Anything else is just subjective hearsay/rumours and should be posted without the 'please kneel before Zod' mentality these utter idiots from COY's seem to be in possession of.

It's all good fun, I know. And I enjoy it as much as the next fan - but certain people take it all far too seriously.

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