No Bentley bid

According to Ince, only Villa have made an offer for the winger. Which basically means (if true of course - Ince might be fibbing) that all the press rumours and message board updates from ITK's amount to a bucket of bullshit.

I miss the days pre-Internet where the first you heard of a new signing was when the club announced it. But the obsession of being the person who tells you something before its made public, simply for the accolade of 'I told you so' has turned pre-season into a joke.

The red tops run wild naked through the streets printing anything they wish, along with what the football agents want printed. Some of them also help out their 'mates' who manage at club level. Its all very much part and parcel of tapping up players and heightening awareness of who ought to be moving where.

If Bentley is going to sign for us, then he will and knowing about it before the fact wont change the conclusion.