Robbie Keane and the mystery transfer request

No official word from the club or the player. Nothing from Liverpool either. Out of the blue, we are meant to believe that Robbie Keane, committed loyal Robbie Keane will up and leave having just signed a 5 year contract at the only club he’s settled at. With Berbatov also looking to shift across to a Champions League club, the only conceivable possibility that there is any truth in this media propaganda is that Ramos wants to sell Keane and that Spurs already have someone lined-up. Or maybe Robbie knows this is his last chance to move onto something new at the peak of his career.

Keane is a proven goal-scorer. His record is simply superb. One of the few players we have that possesses a war-cry. However, if a player wants to up and go - and if that's the case - then let him go. No point in doing anything other than bidding him goodbye and good luck. He's had the best six years of his career at Spurs. And although I always expected him to leave for Celtic if there's truth in this and he wants a big money move to Liverpool then that's exactly what he will get. But we can discuss this if it happens.

For now, I’ll change my opinion (on the actual news stories) the moment someone shows me an actual quote.

The fact that its all quiet on all fronts is a tad worrying.


Or maybe its not worrying. Having had time to think about this, I feel a bit cheap for allowing the football agents, Rafa and the media almost best me. A member over at the boiling pot summed it up perfectly (thanks WWWlf).

Before he went on honeymoon he says he wants to stay and is looking forward to the new season.

He's on honeymoon and I cant believe his new wife would be happy with him turning their world upside down in the middle of it.

All the reports have factual errors in them (existing contract etc) suggesting poor/lazy journalism.

Where are the quotes from Rafa or Gerrard saying how much they would like him in the team (as they both did with Gareth Barry). They don't seem to mind publicly unsettling a player if they want to, but there's been no comment.

The rumour that all this is just Liverpool-produced, leaked from inside the club, for the benefit of forcing Villa to part for Barry (as Liverpool wont have the cash to splash on him and Keane) makes more sense.

I think someone is getting merked.