Plenty of rumours doing the rounds at the minute. The usual transfer gossip, made up, posted on message boards and then appearing in the tabloids 3 days later is making up most of it. And the ITK’s continue to churn out their usual carefully written, ambiguous information allowing us some minor entertainment prior to the window re-opening.

This was posted on the COYS forum. Enjoy:

dont post much info and only like to when im sure its very very good info and mabe only once or twice removed from the horses so to speak.

ramos in spain on holiday...but a working holiday, levy ready at a moments notice to fly out and do any deals...ramos looking at spanish goalie (have no name but we have been linked) and a spanish left sider.


been told if someone comes in for him before start of june for the money we want he goes ....if they dont come in with the money he stays.....that is the bottom line and berbatov accepts this as he respects ramos and understands that every player will have to do a full pre season under his regime....so i can assume from that our business will be conducted quickly (subject to those at the euros)

ramos has told levy that he cant have a business and a champs lge football club. ramos told levy everyone is gonna have to wipe their mouths of any profits for at least two seasons and even go as far as to go into an operating loss 'gambling' on breaking the top 4. ramos has told the board that there is almost a religious fanatacism of support that will go through the roof if we break the top 4 and the money will go through the roof too...its all about the current board taking the risk or not.

only 2 players deemed first squad ability at present. berbatov and woodgate...bale and hutton have the most potential to get into his plans keane steed zok are at best squad if he gets the players he wants ...the rest can fcuk off as far as he is concerned.

ramos doesn't want players that are cast offs from chelsea etc...he expects the club o challenging to sign the same players that manure and co are after and is confident that his status as a coach can lure some of them to come especially the spanish portugese and S.Americans.

So there you have it.....hope to get some more, sorry there isnt anything more juicy with regards to named names but imho that is great that no names come from ramos as he is really that proffesional.

take it or leave as to what ive said, i know where its from and i know that its good info

None of this is brain surgery. All pretty much stuff you could conclude yourself in the pub or on the terraces. Same goes with all the other crop of alleged inside-information that’s hemorrhaging the message boards, day in day out. But these guys are turned into heroes if their gamble of a prediction pays off. I'm not denying that on very rare occassions some people do know something of note and state so. Otherwise - like the above quoted information - it's nothing specific, nothing nailed on. Did I call this entertainment earlier? Blush.

SpookyBerbatov, ITK