Oliver Holt

Holt, Daily Mirror journalist and Sky Sports Sunday Supplement melter, thinks the pressure that Paul Ince is under at Blackburn and the abuse he is getting from sections of the home support is simply because of the colour of his skin and has nothing to do with the former MK Dons boss being completely out of his depth. His argument is that Roy Keane was not subject to the same treatment from the fans at Sunderland.

This bloke actually gets paid by a tabloid newspaper and a tv broadcaster to write and speak his views. All these years, all the job opportunities I've had - if I had known that all I needed to do was pull my pants down, stick my arse in the air and fart shit every time I had an opinion I'd be laughing myself all the way to my pension. People in the media who get paid to commentate on weekly events in football are no different from the thousands who frequent message boards (apart from the fact they get paid, obviously). Some talk sense, some talk a lot of sense, the rest are trolls. Any takers on which one Oliver is? It's not the ones who talk sense. And no chance is it the ones who talk a lot of sense. Its the troll. He's a troll. Oliver Holt is a troll. Troll, if you're still not getting what he is.