Will Sky and co show us some love?

Will be of great personal interest (I'm sure for all) what our friends over at Sky (Jamie) and the rest of the hacks make of this appointment and how they treat us going forward. Considering the respect and admiration the press seem to have for 'arry.

Damage limitation. The damage being Championship football. Levy sees this as his (desperation) manoeuvre to save the club from relegation and thus make certain that ENIC's investment doesn't go to shit. As I mentioned earlier, Southampton still went down with Redknapp joined them. But they were a little more far gone (I think). Although in his defence he did save Pompey from relegation.

Expensive night for Spurs in more ways than one. Thank God we sold Robbie Keane and grabbed that extra £6M or so for Berbatov. Our chairman truly knows how to be prepared for any financial hit.

I'm now looking forward to what Levy writes up for his official statement on the nights events, attempting to justify his decision making. PR machine at the ready...