Hostile Takeover?

I've been reading the threads on this message board, with a numb feeling watching the events unfold. I just dont know what to say or what thread im supposed to post in.

This fantastic post by Spooky reminds me of what this club is about.

Spurs fans are not a fickle bunch of tossers as the media would love the world to believe. The events over the past year and actions and runnings of the board has left so many of us bemused and crestfallen as we mourn the loss of what this club once stood for. My love for my football team will always remain strong but it would be near impossible for the average spurs fan not to have the same affection which you held for this club when you first fell in love with it.

Its hard to remind yourselves why we love our club so much at times like these. There certainly isnt much to like about us right now. But this is our club. We are what Tottenham Hotspur football club stand for. I am trying so hard to keep alive the spirit of the Tottenham way but we have had our name and badge dragged through the mud one too many times now.

Spooky I think its time for a hostile takeover by the fans.

~ diego_maradona (glory

Diego, me old chum. If I could. I would.

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