BENT: Spurs fans are termites

International week always equates to a little quiet time, re: the blog. Obviously the outcome of Levy’s chat with the Spurs Supporters Trust will be of much interest. Other than that, we’ve had to make do with Darren Bent once more talking to the media, this time defending Comolli – which you have to admit, is staggering. A player defending a director of football? Are Spurs now using playing staff to churn out positive PR spin rather?

DB: “He’s always around the place….”

Really? He does work for Spurs, so you’d expect him to be ‘around’ much like anyone else employed by the club. Ground breaking stuff this, from our Darren.

DB: “He’s a fantastic guy and one of the main reasons I came to Tottenham”

I’m sure Kaboul and Zokora and one or two others own shared rights in the same soundbite. Anyone who has helped double your wages will automatically gain a ‘fantastic’ tag. Comolli appears to be running an unofficial charity for the footballing inept. Sign up to Spurs, earn millions, do nothing...

DB: “There is no problem with him. He’s been good; he is always helping the players – and that is what they need”

Helping the players with what exactly? Does he offer them a shoulder to cry on? Does he wash their cars? What does he have to do with 1st team affairs that impacts the players mood? Does he stand there and gloat at training sessions, pointing out his signings and declaring ‘I bought him’, then running over to them with a magic sponge when needed?

He goes on to say that ‘Tottenham fans seem to be everywhere. Wherever I go they seem to be coming out of the woodwork, asking what is going on’. What a peculiar statement. Usually, fans come out of the woodwork when a team is suddenly doing well. To claim Spurs fans are approaching him (or other players) asking him what the fuck is going on is a normal supporter reaction considering our circumstance. Darren may believe the players are trying and giving 100% but from where I’m standing, I just don’t see it. All I see is one player after another, talking to the media about how we are much better than our position and that we will get it right. Yet with each passing week, all we have is countless soundbites but just two points.

Enough talk. 100% action.

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