Ticket Fiasco continued...

The League of Lilywhites continues to make the voices of the little people heard. No, not midgets, not that I have anything against them. You just don't seem to see many of them at White Hart Lane. In fact, I don't think I've seen midgets at any Premiership game. They must dislike football. Which is a bit off IMO. I mean, fair enough, they are too small to play the game at a professional level but that doesn't mean they have to turn up their noses at the game altogether. Supporting a club, no matter how big or small, still reaps rewards. Unless you support Leeds. Anyway, I'm not talking about midgets I'm talking about Spurs fans. All little in the shadow of the dark Emperor, Levy.

Here's some damning evidence picked up from GG.net that disgusts me so much, I puked with anger, then licked it up unapologetically only to re-puke it:

You will recall that, when THFC switched their ticketing operations from Seatbooker to eticketing.co.uk, the primary reason given for this change, was the fact that 'they were finding it difficult to sell single seats'. They [THFC] stated that people tended to select single seats, leaving odd empty ones here and there - which, they claim, they could then not sell. Therefore, they chose to do away with seat level selection and, instead, went for an option where you can only select the block...then hope for the best. Great.

Well, sorry THFC, but it looks like Seatbooker would've been able to negate this problem. Take a look at this webpage - one which highlights the problem, and then advertises the fact that they have a solution;


Again, yet more proof (as if it were ever needed) that THFC took this regressive decision based on one reason only - cost. eticketting.co.uk are able to spread the cost of such operations across their client base, thus making it cheaper to administer, on THFC's behalf. The service now provided is no more reliable, and the experience no more pleasant than that which we received via Seatbooker (bless their cotton socks).

Look at the shambles at receiving ST's this year? Utter joke. Penny pinching THFC at it again - insulting the intelligence of those who pay handsomely through the turnstiles. Not only do they see no harm in providing us with an even worse service than last season, but they now take our money a full SIX weeks in advance - a completely unjustifiable step. Pure and utter greed Shame on you.

No wonder we make so much f*cking profit - the club/company is cutting admin costs all over the place, yet - at the same time, using OUR money to make interest for the company. Maybe we do need to be taken private - remove this ridiculous desire to squeeze every single penny out of the 'loyal support' which they claim to never take for granted. I wouldn't mind if I thought my money - and their profit - was going towards a lovely environment to watch football in. But it isn't - it's still the same decrepit White Hart Lane which has remained virtually unchanged for over 10 years. 'A decision will be made in [insert random mm/yyyy]' they say - yet more prevarication.

~ SM

Money is being drained out of us like a blood thirsty vampire suckling on a pretty girls neck. We (we Spurs fans) are the pretty girl. Yes, we maybe dressed up in a short little number with black heels, but we are in no way asking for it, just because we're walking down a dark alley. See, for all the 'We have money' hype the club spins, what they fail to reference is the fact that its actually our money and it's being spent in the interest of the club and not for our interest. We are the club and the club should be doing us a service, not a dis-service.

The vampire needs to be staked. And I'm happy to step forward as Buffy. In fact, I see myself having more in common with Faith. Rougher round the edges and more unpredictable. Levy continues to open hellmouths, without any suggestion of remorse. It's time to bring a stop to the impending apocalypse.