Spurs Ticket Fiasco

Saturdays home game friendly against Torino will be infamous for what happened off the pitch rather than on it (a 2-0 win to follow on from a 4-2 win against Orient). Seems our ticket office are struggling. First the Seatbooker fiasco and now its all gone Monty Python down at the Lane.

Below is one poor souls account of what happened:

How come in a week when they knew they had this problem they did not let people pick them up instead of giving out bullshit info on the phone and not answering?

On game day they why did they not use all their facilities to hand for the tickets? instead of using 5 windows for what looked like about 5-10,000 people trying to collect?

Will i get a refund for missing a 3rd of the game, the goal from keano and wasting my time on phonecalls, texts and queing in the backing sun? Will I F**K!!!

And what will I do about this? will i abandon going to the Spurs and make a protest? will i form a group to moan at the tickets office and demand some kind of payback for what happened? of course i wont, ill just take it on the chin like i have to and get F**K all for all that waste of my time missing a large portion of the game.

What made matters worse is both my best mates had their eldest Son at their first Spurs games and this was their experience! they go to que in the Sun and miss 30 mins of the match. If this is the shape of ticketing to come at Spurs then we are in for a messed up season. How can it be that hard to organise sending out some tickets for gods sake.

What really miffed me on top of all this was that they que for buying tickets on the day was about a 10% of the que to get pre-paid tickets so i would have been better off just turning up and buying them. And also the woman in the membership office said this to me when i moaned about having pre-paid and not receiving them "have you got proof you have not received them?" in a stern billigerent way. How the F**K do you get proof that you never received them? errr they never came through my door like those other poor sods stood out there missing the game.

Sorry to rant on like this, but today was just total bollocks from a ticketing point of view and i hope its not like this for the rest of the season. Let us pray not anyway.


Some fans have received tickets for the Arsenal game and have yet to get their Sunderland away through the post. No defined order or clear process seems to be present. Its as shambolic as a defence with Gary Doherty at the back.

Also, I have yet to receive my season ticket. That's correct. Nothing in the post with a week to go before the season kicks off.

Has Levy finally taken assertive action?

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