See ya later, Dimitar

"I chose to join Tottenham last season, now I'm staying at the club through my own free will. At least for now. There has been a lot of speculation but all I can say is the club's board have decided to raise my salary.

No one said that United didn't have interest in me and my price in general but it has to be clear that there will not be a move for now."

At least for now. There will not be a move for now. How very reassuring. Let’s not dwell on the reason why Mr Berbatov has suddenly outgrown the club. Or whether his statement is genuine – in that I mean, if he really believes he is staying ‘for now’ or is simply outlining to Man Utd what needs to be done for them to capture him pre-transfer deadline.

Its not like he’s stated, “I’m 100% committed to Spurs. I’m going nowhere”. Its more of a, “Well, they’ve offered me more cash but in all likelihood we wont finish 4th or win anything so maybe come back at Christmas or the summer”.

Better off selling him now and be done with it. Yes, he’s the only world-class player we have. Yes, he gives our play a dimension that no other player can, but if he doesn’t want to be there, why have him at the club?

Players are impatient creatures, worse than the most avid supporter. From a selfish point of view he would see himself better off at Man Utd. And why wouldn’t he? But where has the unselfish modest happy Berbatov disappeared too? What’s with all the Henryesque mood swings at displaced passes?

Reading too much into it, am I? Might well be doing so, but its best to look at the negatives and the worst possible scenario and worry about that, because if by some miracle the opposite happens, at least you’ll feel good about it.

Now some of you will scream ‘hypocrite’ and ask why I have not remained anchored to my original opinion on the player.

Yet again, I’m at ground zero. I was at ground zero at the start of the season (remember?) stating I would give the chairman the benefit of the doubt. And then Jolgate happened. I’m at ground zero again. Not with the chairman. He can go fuck himself.

The players have a responsibility to the fans. They have a responsibility to Martin Jol. And granted, a 1-0 defeat at Old Trafford is a seasoned expectancy for all, but spirit was displayed and regardless of whether it was a penalty or not, Spurs did their fans proud (as did the away support).

Still cant beat the ‘big’ teams though, can we? It’s fine being plucky and unlucky, but it’s not enough. Fulham away HAS to be three points for us. Then it’s Arsenal at the Lane. No pressure then.

With regards to the Utd away game– a good balanced team. Good debut from Bale. Berbatov could have and should have scored (along with Rocha). Even The Gardner played ‘well’. Deserving of sharing the points for sure. When you add back King, Dawson and Kaboul – then you can see that 5th spot is practically a certainty. Anything less and its implosion time.

I still think Ramos is in at the end of the season. Everything is for show. Jol will battle on. Shame we live in an era where 4th spot is deemed the be all and end all. What happened to winning the FA Cup? Getting into a final? Something to write into the history books. Something to remember.

Actually, I forgot. Only top 4 clubs win the Cups. See, special membership is needed for silverware. And at the moment, the ticket to riches is blowing in the wind the opposite direction from where Jol is looking for it.