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Now I’m all for anti-Levy articles highlighting his weakness and fuck-ups, but Christ, let’s not disappear into la-la land with over the top exaggerated pish.

Carrick wanted to leave the club. He left because he used us as a stepping stone and nothing more. In his time at Spurs he was the model professional, but at no time did he declare his love for us or publicly commit to us – even though we were the team that took the plunge to sign him.

He knew we would be forced to sell him as he wouldn’t sign a new contract. It’s no big secret. To suddenly suggest insiders have revealed that the tapestry of fuckary extends back to a botched up contract meeting between Carrick/Agent and Spurs is bollocks. Its best left for the 606 forums. Not for the pages of the Observer/Guardian.

Kevin Mitchell. Sort it out fella. Using football agents as sources to back up your stories? Yes, good show. Because we all know they tell the truth and ‘understand the rules of engagement and football’.

Super-gluing half-baked assumptions and theories is not good journalism. Though that’s probably a paradox.