League of Lilywhites - The Splinter Group

Seems that the word has spread about the League of Lilywhites, and we have been blessed with a celebrity member. The above pic was sent in from an avid reader of this blog.

Not sure where it was snapped (I'm guessing in North London somewhere, otherwise, possibly Hollywood). I'll ignore the fact that Mark Wahlberg (of 'The Departed' fame) has chosen the colour orange, considering it’s not one associated with the club. But he’s American, so all is forgiven. I don’t recognise the people he is with. I’m guessing they are Paxtonites?

Not received any official word from anyone in the pic. Seems that the League of Lilywhites is spreading in the style of ‘Fight Club’ with word of mouth creating our first ‘splinter group’.

Mark – if you are reading this, please mail me. Good improvisation with the get-up you’re wearing (lets talk colours mate, should be white and blue). And I particularly like the 633 reference, a nod towards communications UDP port 633. Smart reference towards the fact we are an online firm. Clever. Mark and the The 633's could potentially be our publicity division of the firm?

Will audit later this week on the amount of members we have and also update on the firms badge of honour.

EDIT: It would appear that 'blogger' has removed the photo of Mark Wahlberg wearing the LOL symbol. Would seem that Levy's far reaching hand has struck me down again.