General Round-Up


Remains a class act. Some quotes from a recent interview:

“Look, last summer when Spurs told me they were willing to pay £11m for me, I asked them if they were off their heads. Now the word seems to be that my value is £40m and that’s simply an abnormal sum of money.”

“With regards to the whole Manchester United business, I just have to say that I’m very happy at Spurs. Even more importantly, I recognise that Tottenham has given me everything in order to make my time in the Premier League a success and I feel stupendously grateful to them. So I’m happy where I am.”

“The atmosphere at Tottenham right now is absolutely unbeatable.”

“The fact I feel adored by the fans and I’m feted by the media hasn’t changed me and it will not do so. I’m the same guy. I rest and lead a simple life off the pitch"

How wonderfully beautiful it is to see a player with such modesty and eloquent class. And a player who appears set to remain at Spurs, rather than take the easy route out to a 'Top 4' club. The rest of the players have to focus the same way he does with each game and challenge. Anything less is an insult IMO.

Spurs beat St.Pats 1-0

Kaboul looked good. Bale didnt. Bent scored. Taarbat looking lively again. Thats it. I can't be arsed with friendly games. Get the players fit, get the new players to fit into the system. And thats it.

Transfer Rumours

No word on Boateng. Though historically, Spurs take 120% longer than any other club to sign a player.

I've noticed we have been linked to Freddy Adu, who was previously linked with Wigan. Not sure about signing this 36 year old MLS reject. Yes, he has wonderful wonderful stats in FM2007, but the reality is far less exciting. He's American.