The 4th Annual Anti-Levy March

Now, you know me. I'm no trouble maker. And with my current community service duties hanging over my head, I can not risk giving the authorities the opportunity to punish me further. So the location and time of this yearly event will remain a secret (so no info online).

Hopefully it will not be a repeat of last years disaster when the information on Levy's whereabouts (we always march in the vicinity of where Daniel is enjoying a leisurely stroll) resulted with us marching through the aisles of his local Waitrose where there was an unfortunate accident with a shelf of tinned food and a seventy-four year old lady.

Levy wasn't even there at that time, having left 10 minutes earlier. Took security and the St Johns Ambulance crew 40 minutes to get that old lady out from underneath the cans of baked beans. The mayhem, the confusion......was like being in Nam.

As per usual, anyone who wants to be part of this mass rally and demonstration, be at the Corner Pin pub on Friday morning 5am. You wont see me, but I'll see you. If you're kosher, you'll get the details of this years march.

For anyone confused about this being in the off-season, thats the point. Levy can not be allowed to gallivant his way through the summer months. We have to disturb his tranquility. And these surprise demos tend to do the trick. Help's raise the profile of The Association of Real Spurs Enforcers Neutralising Anarchist Levy.

As per usual, food and drink is provided, and the traditional pub crawl of the High Road will proceed the days events.

So, fortune favours the brave. See you at the Corner Pin.