2008 Shirts

Here's some more leaked nonsense from the club:

The shirt Robbie is wearing up close:

Mansion logo appears bigger. Now has additional (what looks like) Chinese writing on two of the four kits. There is also a 1980's throw-back gloss finish on the shirts along with the Cricket styled white and blue Blackburnesque shirt Robbie is sporting.

Now, I know, we use to play in these colours and we're 125 years old and we started off as Hotspur Cricket club, but what on Gods green earth are Spurs and Puma thinking of?

Are fans even asked their opinion on what we would like? Do they even care? Are we ever consulted? Of course not. Because the fans do not have a choice. And fans, easily manipulated, are forced to buy anything the club manufactures because there is no other choice for them. Otherwise you'll left parading around in your 1997 home kit or a moody purchase from Hong Kong.

And we buy anything (well not me) and its proven by the brown (its not Chocolate Levy, stop trying to fool the public) limited edition away shirt.

Surely that shirt (the brown shirt) is nothing more than a reference to what happened at the back end of last season when we failed miserably to beat West Ham. And for the record, food poisoning or no food poisoning why do people not question the fact that Levy booked the team into that Hotel? Then tried to cover up by deflecting the spotlight onto the chef and hotel staff. He paid for Totttenham to stay there, even though we were playing in London and didn't use the normal hotel we usually do for London games. It's undeniable. Unquestionable. He admitted that the hotel was not to blame, therefore, surely the person to blame is the person who has overall responsibility for the players and the clubs stature. And thats the chairman. With so much puking and diarrhea its our very own Watergate.

125th Anniversary Rejected Design
(Potential 130th shirt)

Anyway, the point is, we had the runs which are usually brown in colour (sometimes yellow - ironically another one of our away kits) and thus wore these shit-stained uniforms in one or two games last year. Humiliating.

That's Levy laughing at you. That's Levy saying to himself:

"I know, let me wipe my arse with this white toilet paper and make it all brown and then sell it for £40. I'm a fucking genius and I'm gonna make a ton of money and even if we under-perform for the twentieth year on the trot I'm still gonna be stinking rich."

Thankfully, there is a rebellion. These are men who are distinctive due to wearing Barcelona home shirts. These people refuse to be raped and pillaged by Levy and Puma, and I salute them.

We as fans are losing the initiative and our identity. Arsenal, forever red, will have a white shirt next season. Not only did they cheat their way into North London, Levy has now allowed them to steal our colours. Its further evidence of our club being engulfed by Daniel Levy's negligence.

This forces my hand.

Operation Hotspur is operational.