The dream is over

Can’t say I’m shocked. One point from two games would have been enough, and yet somehow we manage to lose the lot. At least McClaren is gone. And hopefully inept tactics and selections are gone with him. Though with the FA’s track record, I wouldn’t be that shocked to see Harry Redknapp at the helm. It’s grim. No European Championships next summer. May as well enter the Big Brother house.

Robinson must have had a chuckle to himself, watching the Carson Calamity show. Sol Campbell showed just how brave he is, moving out of the way for the Croat to blast the third (and winning goal) in. And the world sat back and laughed at the fact that if we lose Owen and Rooney, we have Bent and Defoe as backup. Portugal haven’t got any strikers either, yet they managed to limp their way to the finals.

McClaren told everyone yesterday ‘blame me’. King of the blatant that Steve is. Big Sam doesn’t want the job, thank God. Jose has said forget about it. Martin O’Neil is being mentioned by some, whereas others suggest England will wait until after Euro 2008 to make their appointment (Hiddink?).

Whoever comes in better buck the trend and stop selecting players based on reputation only. But when have the FA ever got it right?

And onto the weekend. West Ham away on Sunday. They have injury problems. We are generally shit, but not as shit as we were a month or so back. No idea how to call this one. Losing to them will no doubt add another page to their history books. Winning for us will just be three points on the table.