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Movember: Day Two

A word from The Fighting Cock team:


Remember, remember the whole of November...because we’re all growing a moustache for charity.

You may have heard of Movember already, but here’s the deal, you grow a moustache for the whole of November to raise awareness for prostate cancer and contribute all donations to the Movember charity. The rules are very simple, no facial hair on the 1st November, and then you continue to shave every area except the moustache (bit of stubble is fine after the mo is in full bloom). You can style it out and trim it if you like, but you HAVE to keep the moustache.

Anyone can join our team The_Fighting_Cock and we have a 'My mo space page'.

We'll be updating the page and the thread over at The Fighting Cock forum with weekly photos and updates on the growth and styling of our majestic moustaches.

To donate or join the team, click on the link and ‘donate to my team’ or ‘join team’. Rejoice the 30 day journey of moustachery.


the fighting cock podcasters



Movember, Day Two.

Two days in and my skin is more blotchy than a defence with Ramon Vega in it. My face is not built to be shaved on every morning (that's the areas around the tache). As you can see from the pic, its still almost impossible to see any traces of growth, but there is some. Ever so slightly. Looking for a Lemmyesque style mo - as a good starting point to then either shorten it in length or let it grow to Motorhead proportions.

The aim is to end up with a Zappa. Or if I'm brave enough, leave the Lemmy. At this rate, don't think it's going to kick-off until day four.

Check out the thread over at The Fighting Cock forum for other participant photos and updates.

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