That's smart

We live in a world where a man helps land a robot on a rock in space and then gets slated for having a t-shirt with girls on it as feminists force him to make a teary apology on television.

Judging by the hype I thought Rita Ora had her tongue between her tits on live television. The 400 people that complained about her cleavage presentation on the BBC's The One Show can fuck off. Firstly, it's 400 people. That's what % to the million or so watching? Secondly, you'd have made more sense if you called to complain about her music.

This maddening insanity however doesn't filter into the world of football where today Selfie Sticks have been banned by Tottenham Hotspur from being allowed in White Hart Lane. Man, the things I miss out on when I'm drowning in excel spreadsheets.

iPads at football matches are daft. I know tech has progressed but it's not the same as someone listening to the radio. There's no need to be looking at a tablet when you've paid a fair amount of money to watch a football match live. Taking pictures with one has always and will always look ridiculous. No ban on iPads but the Selfie Stick going makes utterly no impact on anything. I'm guessing it's down to vanity masquerading as health and safety? Can hardly imagine tens of people let alone hundreds bringing them into games.

So what next for the banned list? Smartphones that aren't in landscape mode when taking photos of goal celebrations?