Sing up

Everywhere we go, Everywhere we go...

We're the Tottenham boys making all the noise,

Everywhere we go...


Simplistic song sang by a few clubs and stolen by the Spurs faithful post-Sheffield United semi-finals. The enthusiastic release of those that sing it is undeniably infectious. Think about being in that tribe, probably drunk, singing this over and over again. Stupid grins on everyone's face. It's a jolly. Beaming with pride because you're Spurs. Yet apparently according to the thought police it's small time because Championship supporters sing it and it's not 'very Tottenham'. I guess being very Tottenham would be defined by the last time we created an original ditty back in the 60s and 70s.

Even in the midst of a superb away day, if it isn't the usual scapegoats getting it in the neck (Dembele, Paulinho, Lamela) then it's the songs we sing. I guess 1882 can't be blamed for this one as it's our famous away loyal hardcore supporters chanting it and not the 'kids that don't have season tickets that don't go to every game and aren't proper supporters'.

We sing far worse songs and sometimes we don't sing at all. At what point did we become so self-conscious that we have to bemoan the noise we make?

As for the scapegoating - that won't change. Some of the players we have in our ranks haven't performed at all. Criticism is valid but blame sits with the chairman and DoF (for certain high profiles with a low profile). Yet for Dembele to have stuck in the type of shift he did and still be singled out for not creating X amount of goals in X amount of hundreds of prior minutes is borderline depression. I think some of us can't function if we're not focusing on pessimism.

Dembele has been wasteful of his talent. This forward reinvention might or might not work long term. I'd prefer to do something widly crazy and point towards Pochettino and how he's man-managed the likes of say Danny Rose and made him far more solid than he's ever been for Spurs. So if he can work his magic with someone that doesn't apparently have any talent then maybe...just maybe he can do the same for Mousa.

I like to focus on optimism. Each to their own. If I don't enjoy the good moments then there's very little to be liked out of the bad ones.