Can't say the result (1-2 Leicester) was a surprise. How many last minute winners have we dished out to opposing teams this season, stealing the points? Taste of our own medicine. Spit it out.

Thoroughly depressing if only because of the other results in the cup.

What's frustrating me is the logic I'm trying to apply in the aftermath. We just about beat Sheffield United in the League Cup, 1-0. That was with a full strength side. We rest our best players and field a mix and match eleven and there wasn't enough there to see the opposition off.

We had more of the ball, they had more of the chances and in the end we gave away a replay to the tune of getting ourselves knocked out cheaply but deservedly so. If the second leg of the semi-final was about redemption we now have all our players under the same rain soaked umbrella in search of a clear sky and sunshine.

Massive game coming up, one that demands urgency and ruthlessness. Are we even capable of producing such a display of desire?

In the mean time the FA Cup once more plummets in value in terms of how we've come to treat it. A competition that meant so much to us is now nothing but a distant memory when they played for the history and the shirt rather than watching today's players muddle through with little thanks given for escaping the bench.