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Not fine

General musings from this past week.

UEFA, Serbian FA and the 80k Euro 'fine'. Not sure its even worth bothering with fines  as they are so insignificant in comparison to the money that exists in football and doesn't serve more than an administrative afterthought. It doesn't resolve anything or truly punish anyone. It doesn't have a tangible impact aside from a slap on the wrist which is forgotten about soon after the next racist incident rears its head to blow kisses at the limp authorities that turn the other way. Not even sure how the England players charged are accountable but then why am I surprised?

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Nothing will be kicked out because nobody is doing any kicking

You'll have seen the reports already concerning the SBL (Society of Black Lawyers) who are seeking to set up a union for black players and their threat directed at Tottenham concerning the use of the Y word. They plan to report the club to the police if the club / The FA fail to make zero tolerance stand against it by the 20th November. They're going to have monitors in attendance to observe and report.

Can't decided whether I'm offended by the fact the SBL refereed to us as 'Tottenham FC' or laugh how they've chosen the 20th instead of waiting until the 25th when West Ham United visit White Hart Lane where they're will be plenty of audio for their monitors to report on. The ilk of audio that carries the ugly potency of intent. But I guess actual vile racism isn't on the agenda. Just publicity. Shades of Baddiel. 

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